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Erasmus+ #Be Green Cookbook

Our Erasmus+ project "#BE GREEN 5 F: Friendly Fair Food For Future" focuses on a methodology to help students and teachers develop consciousness for a sustainable change in the production and consumption of food.

The lock-down caused by the Corona Crisis in all European countries has made very clear how fragile our present economic system with its dependence on long and complicated retail chains is. These thoughts have given rise to our project idea that consists of two main strands: a digital one in which we depict relevant aspects of our real life in our cites and show means of obtaining food via an App and providing meals via a digital cookbook.

The second strand involves concrete work on gardening and cooking.

In our project, we wish to understand how we can make a true impact on our established behaviour and develop a sustainable concept for students and teachers.

We are working with 5 schools: Heinrich-Emanuel-Merck-Schule Darmstadt, Germany – coordinator, Maltepe Fen Lisesi, Istanbul, Turkey, Zespol Szkol Mechanicznych nr 2, Krakow, Poland, Institut d'Educació Secundària Vall d'Hebron, Barcelona, Spain, Colegiul Economic „Ion Ghica”, Bacău, România, and more than 30 fellow teachers and about 500 pupils have been involved during the timespan of our project from 2020-2023.

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Daniela Anghel
Daniela Anghel
30 черв. 2023 р.

Nice work, Cristina!😘

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